Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mango Hunt!

Mango testing by Abu. He sure knows whats best for his children.
Yummmmy!! Mouth watering mangoes! Can wait to hold them, feel them & taste them!

Bus load, Ooops! I mean truck load of mangoes for Mango lovers.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty Hands

These pretty hands are of no one other than our very own dear mummy. Mummy attended this near ones wedding where she got this beautiful henna from. Mummy, it looks lovely.

Little Big Graduates

Thanx to u Feru that Papa & Chachu got to wear this hat. Keep it up! Proud of u boys!

Fun with Cha-Chiiii (Chachu)

When babies start graduating from the use of babbles to using words, and converting them into the most cutest way hearable here is what happens...In Rida's case "u" is in her later chapters. So Chachu become Chachi! We had quiet a laugh when Tarique "Cha-chii" came to visit her and Rida loved calling him out!

Ridu obviously misses Zara and Zidan and with chachu next to her she is thinking "wish Chachu would have got Daaya & Baba" and somehow she managed to not miss chachi-when chachu became CHA-CHIII!! :))
Yummy Fries!

Home Sweet Home

Bhai- The Financer
The Lovely View

Boss Of The House

Again The Beautiful View

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joys Of Pune

MMMMMMM Sugarcane Juice

*Sniff* *Sniff* I miss being there. These are the joys of being in Pune.

Mattress Mera Dost

'MALBARI' Yah that was the name given by Tari himself to himself! Dont we all know how the 'Shaikh of Dubai' hates doing dirty job. Well! I'm going to speak the truth & nothing but the truth. Tari just refused to take this mattress along (dont we all know the reason). Maybe if 'Ralph Lauren' was mentioned on the mattress, Only then Tari would be overjoyed & would even take it on the flight with him ;-). But all said & done, He is just an innocent boy & hates to be fake. So like any good brother he obeyed his elder brother & took the mattress along with him with a disgusting face though!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010



Famous Five

Whenever I look at these pic, My eyes get filled with tears. *Sob* *Sob* wasnt it the 'Perfect Family Gathering' ever!!?? Wishing for one more this year. IA

Little Graduates

We r always here to guide u little ones, To help u chose the right path. Our 'Lil Azmi's' as I may put it r our shinning stars who are going to make a special place for themselves & us in this world. We are so proud of u & we hope u go way way ahead in capturing ur dreams. GOD BLESS!
'Apna naam karenge roshan, Jag mein apne raaj dulaare'

Indulgence for the sweet-soul!

I took a bite and I loved it. Then I ate three straight! I am talking about 'Jaggery Paratha' which we loved eating often skipping lunch because this was lunch, dessert and well "burp"!
Please google for the method of preparation.
Nothing like being served hot on the platter and all you have to do is indulge,mmmmmm and enjoy! :P
Calories: Zero. As they say "Its all in the mind" :))